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2018 HR Symposium

The Rise of Character-Driven Organizations & The Impact on Business Success: April 5, 2018

This year, our discussion will center around "The Rise of Character-Driven Organizations and The Impact on Business Success."


Building an organization that focuses on always doing the right thing and taking the moral high ground seems like a no-brainer. Then why is it so challenging for some organizations and leaders to make that investment? What is the difference between a character-led organization and one that is values-based? What does a character-driven organization look like, and what is the business return on that investment?


We will explore what it means to work in a character-driven vs. values-driven organization, how leading with character shapes company culture, and Human Resources' role in guiding this cultural transformation. 


Our keynote speakers and the panelists hail from premier Silicon Valley companies, and they are committed to keeping it real. You'll hear about the successes they've enjoyed, the challenges they've faced, and their perspectives on HR's responsibility for driving the focus on character. They will address key challenges and opportunities in this area, as well the innovative ways cutting-edge companies have created character-driven organizations.


2018 Morning Keynote

Rusty Rueff

Rusty Rueff is an active advisor and board director for venture-backed start-ups and philanthropic causes. He was appointed to the President's Advisory Committee for the Arts under President Obama, and he served as Coordinating National Co-Chair for Technology for Obama (T40) for Obama's reelection. He is also the former chairman of the GRAMMY Foundation. Rusty was also CEO at SNOCAP, Inc. and EVP of HR at Electronic Arts. He also served at PepsiCo and United Technologies. Rusty a corporate director of Glassdoor and Runcoach. He serves as Board President and a Trustee of the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. He is also the co-author of the book Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business.

2018 Speakers
At a Glance

At a Glance

The day begins at 7:30 with registration, breakfast, and networking. At 8:30, the HR Symposium Chair, Sharon Winston, will kick off the event, introduce you to Rusty Rueff who will deliver a lively morning keynote presentation!


Following the morning keynote, you'll find out who the 2018 scholarship winners are, which is the true purpose of the HR Symposium.


Then you'll get to meet our esteemed panel of speakers, which will be an informative - and entertaining - conversation moderated by Chris Yeh. After a short break, the panel will answer the questions YOU submitted via the Waggl platform. Go ahead. Ask 'em anything!


Around noon-ish, we'll head downstairs for lunch and our second keynote presentation of the day: a presentation and discussion on the "return on character" by Amy Swenson of KRW International. We plan on closing by 2:00 so you will have plenty of time to get home before rush hour!


New in 2018!

New in 2018!

Going Beyond Emotional Intelligence: The Importance of Character in Business


We're switching it up a bit this year and adding a second keynote presentation during the lunch portion of our event. Don't worry, we'll still feed you amazing food, and you will still have plenty of opportunities to network and chat with your colleagues. We're just swapping out the networking "topic tables" this year for a presentation you will not want to miss!


Amy Swenson, EVP and Leadership Character Strategist from KRW International, will lead the discussion "Beyond Emotional Intelligence: The Importance of Character in Business" where she will share groundbreaking "Return on Character™ (ROC)" research that definitively proves the connection between leadership character behavior and profitability, employee engagement, and risk. 


The coolest part is that you will play a key role in this thought-provoking discussion. Prior to the event, you will receive a little bit pre-work in the form of a useful character assessment. Be sure to fill it out before the event! Amy will use that invaluable data to shape the discussion and share key frameworks to help you identify your own character reputation, as well as helpful constructs to better engage your leaders in a discussion around character.


So not only will you gather career-changing information and participate in the discussion, you will also walk away with a customized toolkit just for you. We hope you stay for this amazing learning opportunity. 

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